Brunch Tales

3 Jun



Saturday morning was the perfect excuse to meet my friend “Bradshaw” for a monthly brunch “rendez-vous” and try to break up the habit of “Oh, we should get together, soon!”

So we did.

This time as part of my quest of discovery throughout south west Montreal, we decided to finally visit the famed “Griffintown Café.” 

Against us Mother Nature, whose been having a blast kicking our Montrealer nuts for the past week with non-stop rain, decided that a downpour would be on schedule right to screw us over and simultaneously bring the whole south west burroughs inside the café. 

Line up was somewhat long, eased by the strongest americano served. After a few minutes of waiting we finally got our table and things started rolling a little bit… slower than expected. Yes the place was full but our server decided to attend three tables whose customers sat after us.

It’s ok, I can be patient, ok not when I’m hungry, cuz I really can turn into one nasty $#*@!

Menu finally arrives and I surprisingly see the light before the tunnel.

Though I expected crêpes and pancakes, a craving I seldom have, I did not find them in the menu.

But surprise, surprise, they serve “Huevos Divorciados,” one delicous specialty from my motherland. Two poached eggs on top of a tortilla each, bathed in green and red “salsa,” a delicous avocado on the side with black beans.

I have to say the wait was worth its while. 


My only no,no. There are no coffee refills, which during brunch, its unacceptable.

But thanks to the waitress efforts, despite the fact that she forgot our cutlery, and the seating host, who as soon as we finished eating, kicked us out of the table thanks to the line up, gave us the deepest and most honest apology I have ever seen in a 21 year old, I will go back.

It’s a cool mixture of New York’s soho, a crazy Parisian bistro blended, and a zist of Montreal’s “savoir vivre” and though “you never have a second chance to make a good first impression,” Griffintown Café shall be spared, just this once. 

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