Metro Jeopardy

11 May


You really do not know what you have until you loose it.

Believe it or not, yes, this is my opinion of yesterday’s incident at the Montreal Metro where we were held hostages at the mercy of “fucking punks”, yes, I said it, which caused the disruption of the subway system in the island at morning rush hour.

How much is the subway missed when we don’t have it. Specially during a chaotic Thursday rainy morning where it looks like the end of the world is coming:

“I ll take crappy, smelly, dirty, and overpriced underground public transportation system for $200dls, Alex!”


Yes the disruption of the metro system last morning made me realize how very little we take for granted the things we somewhat criticize the most specially on month’s end when we have to renew our monthly OPUS pass which bleds our wallet of $75dls.

But what hurt me the most was the fact that I had found FREE parking next to the Metro Station, FREE PARKING on a Thursday rainy morning! You don’t get to see that in Montreal very often.

For a moment I had the sudden stupid idea of driving downtown with hopes of saving myself the chaotic trouble of taking the alternative buses and leaving my blessed parking spot.

“I will take gullible ideas for $300 dls, Alex!”

But then again, though buses might be a little cleaner, safer, and the odds of sitting in front of a man jerking off are much less than in the metro…

“I will finish the category of crappy, smelly, dirty, and overpriced underground public transportation system for $800 dls, Alex”!

…I decided to keep my free parking space and jumped into the adventure of taking an STM bus. Nothing has changed in years, same smell, same old crowd, like a comradeship of users who will never move on to the world of $1.45 a liter.

Among the huge crowd inside the bus, my newly found compadres, North, South, West, and East of my axis were: a nurse, the kind which talks ’till she puts you to sleep no matter what; the student  with the most pimples and ugliest teeth in the world; the talented chubby girl with amazing fingers who texted and twitted with one hand as she held herself to the pole with the other and the cutie right next to me who kept smiling and smiling *sigh*

“I’ll take cruising during the apocalypses for $1000, Alex!”

The most amazing thing I learned of this experience is that people really don’t give a rat’s ass if a meteor collides with Earth, or that they might never ride the subway again, it is imperative that their twitter and facebook statuses are updated by the second, just like the chubby girl proved it.

“The end of the world is coming and I’m stuck in a bus with strangers, by the way, OMG 🙂 hot guy at ten ‘o clock, I think he’s a blogger cuz he doesn’t stop staring!!” #FREAK

(That would have been me)


The girl and the cutie must have completely brought down my defenses, I even think that I actually blew some air at the back of his neck without even realizing it, because I completely missed my stop without realizing it.


“Sorry Alex, what is I am fed up with this frigging student unrest?”

One Response to “Metro Jeopardy”

  1. Aisha May 14, 2012 at 8:24 pm #

    Ha ha ha! That was too funny. This reminded me of when I would take the Bus,Train and Metro to go to work. I guess it’s like the Joni Mitchell song ♫ ..You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone ♪ 😀

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