Hola México!

24 Apr


Last weekend I treated myself to a delicious long weekend trip to my motherland’s capital city, Mexico City.

Snobby? not really,air miles points more so, (“who are you to judge me?”) but I had planned this quick visit for quite a while to celebrate my best buddy’s “Big 40th birthday bash.”

I had the chance to flee the hideous spring weather Montreal has been experiencing and traded hail,sleet, rain and rumors of snow up north for a delicious sunny 29 C weather for 3 days.


Aside from the “cervezas”, tequila, and mariachi music to be expected thanks to worldwide stereotyping, I was so pleased to re discover and fall in love again with this fantastic megalopolis that thrives with amazing “bistros” à la Plateau Mont-Royal de Montréal in the trendy “La Condesa” district


Sprawling new condos and high rises in Polanco, where we stayed with a “to die for” view from a fantastic roof garden, the impressive Soumaya museum, home of one of the largest Rodin’s, Dali’s, Siqueiros, and Miro’s, collections to name a few.


How’ bout some brunch in delicious Matisse best place for freshly made bread, coffee, and pastries for starters.


Then stuff yourself at MAQUE or at a street marketplace.



There is tastes, smells, art, senses, and fun for everyone. Sometimes I wonder whether I should trade back midnight poutine to cure my hangover over a big plate of spicy “tacos al pastor”, instead. 



Don’t get me wrong I “heart” Montreal to the bone and though it is my home now, we will always have Mexico City.


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