“Sir, take your CAQ elsewhere, please”

15 Feb


“What do you mean I need to be elected by democracy?” 


François Legault, the all mighty leader of the “CACA,” sorry I meant to say the CAQ, it sounds like shit in my mother tongue, (and in French too); Anyway, the delusional politician decided to present himself at the National Assembly yesterday with the words:

“We are off, we are going to change Quebec!”

Two seconds after, him and his  “party” failed to obtain recognition as a parliamentary group, which also cuts him off from almost $400,000 in budget funding.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is the man who spend his time hallucinating an imaginary budget and economical plan for an independent Québec while he quit politics for a while.

Sadly, Legault is far beyond help, and so are his MPs as somebody in his senses forgot to tell them that you just don’t show up to Parliament and expect to be seated as an MP just because you managed to “have an orgasmic one night stand” with the ugly step-sister, the ADQ.

M. Legault, polls favour you, because unfortunately for the moment, there is nowhere else to turn, so please, chill out and relax!

Democracy, M. Legault is what counts and what allows, unfortunately, our useless, overpaid MP’s to take a stand in defending what is best for the interests of us, the “Québécois”, don’t forget that ever, if you ever dream of becoming anything.

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