And we thought “Allos” had it bad

15 Feb


Hey if I thought we had it rough in Quebec, NON!

Belgium, now there’s a fly in the Metamucil. 

A dutch speaking school in Jette, outside Brussels, a “nederlandophone” school I presume it is called, punished a kid for speaking French during recess!!!! If they are caught three times speaking anything but dutch during their recess breaks, they will be punished and kept after school in intensive dutch courses.

The irony of the case is that the dutch school is called “Collège Saint Pierre” …huh?


Sh#t! and I thought la Société Jean Baptiste was rough and hard headed in Québec when they decided to protest outside “American Apparel” due to their “anglo” brand name.

I just hope they don’t read this blog, or follow the news for that matter.

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