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Pauline Arrabbiata

22 Feb

Our beloved Premiere, Pauline Marois, has nothing more important in her agenda than bashing once again allophones as her Stasi Language Police is bashing now italians and has set its sights on one of the trendiest restaurants in Montreal, over the inclusion of the word ‘pasta’ on its menus.
According to the letter, the menu’s use of Italian words in the titles of some dishes, despite their being accompanied by descriptions in French, falls short of compliance with the province’s language charter.


So I am wondering if I open my little mexican “changarro” how on gay hell would I translate: 

“Tlacoyos” or “Papadzules” or “Panuchos?”


Yup, there’s far less important things in Quebec like the (lack of family doctors, employment, competitive salaries, progress, investment, jobs, progress, did I say that already?, education, than actually the issue of bashing one of the trendiest and most emblematic Italian restaurants in Montreal, because its main dishes are in …italian.


Yes, we got the liberals out of power, happy? Now it is time to pay the price for it.



I can’t wait for spring cleaning!!!!!


Pic. Courtesy from The Gazette. Aislin

Allo Montreal

2 Feb

Welcome, Bienvenue.

Should I write them the other way around? French first, English, second? After all I am in Québec, yet then again, I am not a “franco”, nor an “anglo,” but an “allo”…

Allo.- From the Greek word meaning “different” or “other”.

I have never experienced anything like this in my life. The fact that a society which proclaims openess and tolerance to new comers, actually categorizes them under a prefix that pertain the language you speak. So, if you don’t speak French or English, then you are part of…”The Others”.

It’s “ok,” I like being different.  I guess it fits me well as I always been “different”, at school, as a kid growing up (always with my head in the clouds), with my orientation, and now by choosing a new home in Quebec, a nation within Canada in which if being an immigrant is not enough, the fact that I am neither “franco” or “anglo,” still makes a statement.

Don’t get me wrong, I am here by choice, I speak English and French without a problem, sometimes even without an accent in which people actually go: “T’ as pas l’ air mexicain, toieee”; “You must be living in Canada for long because I can’t detect an accent…” (I know, they always expect Sofia Vergara in “Modern Family). I get that a lot; I also speak Portuguese, Mexican (I get that a lot), and some Italian, which come to think about it, makes me not an “allophone” but a polyglot!!!

But that does not help much, unless I am fluent in Mandarin, Swahili or Afghan. That’s fine too.

Like I said, I am here by choice, and so are you if you are still reading this.

This is just a love hate métro ride I am taking through this great place I call home, which I can only sometimes describe in words, no matter the language.

Join me!

(I should be writing this in French, but then again , I just like to go against the flow).

¡Allez y!

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