Straight Talk

22 Feb


Me walking into a group of people while a conversation was being held.

Man 1: Oh glad you joined. Say you had the choice to undergo a vasectomy. Would you do it?

Me: Yes. (Extremely nonchalant).

Man 2: Oh look at you all relaxed with your response.

Me: What’s your point?

Man 1: We were having the vasectomy discussion and Man 3 would not even dare do it.

Me: Oh!

Man 3 is eating a sandwich and chokes.

Me: Why not?

Man 3: It is not natural.

Me: Huh?

Me 1: Now lets say you are a woman and you don’t want anymore kids. Would you tell your husband to undergo surgery.

Me:……I guess, it would be more fun than taking pills or using condoms.


Man 3: It is not natural.

Me: A vasectomy, or me enjoying my newly renewed sex life without preservatives if I were a woman?

Man 3: Both!!!

Me: So you’d rather have your wife undergo the procedure.

Man 3: Yes.


Me: What about you Man 1, would you undergo a vasectomy procedure?

Man 1: I don’t know

Me: Yes or No?

Man 1: I’d be very afraid, I-I-I- d-d-don’t know, maybe, but I..

Me: Yes or No.

Man 1: More a “No” over a “Yes”

Me: So, it’s a “no”

Man 1: Yes.

 Me: But then again, it is reversible

Man 3 chokes again and squirms as I can mentally see his penis shrinking to the size of a peanut.

Man 3: It is not normal!

Me: Neither then plastic surgery or a woman fixed.

Man 1: I would undergo surgery!!!!

Me: But not a vasectomy???


Man 1: I think so

Me: It is not normal

Man 1: Plastic Surgery?

Me: No, my patience!!!!!



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