“Go to Hell!”

16 Feb

Gordon Ramsay, the infamous celebrity chef host of dreadful reality shows like: “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Kitchen Nightmares”, has been sent straight back home by the owners of Laurier BBQ.

You might not know this but Ramsay tried to “save” and inject new life to this fantastic Montreal “rotisserie,” a landmark of over 75 years in town and claimed to co-own the place (which he didn’t), he was just a business consultant to the owners.

“The reason why the chef was given the “F” word?”

He never showed up to work!

According to the owners, Ramsay stepped in once last august but did not bother to even stay to the inauguration night;  event in which the fire sprinklers went on and the restaurant had to be evacuated, talk about bad Karma.  Starting today anything related to Ramsay’s name in the restaurant will be removed from the main signs and menu.

Big loss? not at all, this fantastic rotisserie really does not need Ramsay’s “name” to attract montrealers and tourists.  You really must not miss their fantastic ribs, they really melt in your mouth.

For what is worth, Ramsay can just go back to his reality hell and stay there.

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