Say what? II

14 Feb

Valentine’s day and Whitney Houston’s death is taking a toll on Quebequers. First Céline, now Justin. Lets recap.


Crown-prince heir to the canadian throne himself, Justin Trudeau had to publicly clarify himself when by bashing Harper’s Government, mustered that Quebec  should separate from Canada.

“I always say that if, some time, I believed that Canada was really the Canada of (Prime Minister) Stephen Harper, and it was going against abortion, and it was going against same-sex marriage, and that it was moving backwards in 10,000 different ways, maybe I would think about making Quebec a country,”

(Sucker punch to his late “Papá” Pierre, the most Federalist Prime Minister hailing from Quebec in history).

After his “gaffe” he had to twitter-clarify that he feels Quebec is neglected by the conservatives and that “Canada needs Qc to balance out Harper’s vision that I (and many) just don’t support.”

Justin, a piece of advice, just like Céline, be afraid of show business and parties (political parties that is).



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