4 Feb

One of the most enjoyable things I try to appreciate the most, weather permitting in Montreal, is walking. Exploring the city, getting lost in its corners, its historical areas so overlooked sometimes by the rush of the everyday bustle of chaos.

A few months back I decided to walk home from work and purposely get lost in the ancient streets of Griffintown, the polemic old Irish neighbourhood which like the phoenix, is rising from the ashes of a once prosperous past.

Yes, the huge investments and development in the area, have created tons of public consultations (surprise, surprise!) but despite its controversies, it has finally insert some memento to the stagnant Montreal economy.

Aside from politics…again, it was wonderful to get lost and rediscover this area who in the long run could become a fascinating place to get lost.

It is said that secrets should be best kept. But, I can’t keep secrets. One of my great discoveries was La Galerie de René Blouin, it is an old bunker transformed into a fantastic photo gallery that should not be missed.

As I approached the entrance one of the managers, I assumed, came to me with a huge smile on her face and said:

“Sorry, we are closed for the day, but you can come tomorrow…”

“Thank you, I live around the area and I am walking around, discovering things with my camera,” I replied full of pride.

“Fantastic,” she replied. “Come visit us and you will be amazed by your discoveries.”

I can’t hardly wait.

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