Glad to make a contribution

3 Feb

According to Jobboom magazine, one of the new excuses people use to “call in sick” and avoid work is the following:

“My brother-in-law was vacationing in Mexico and was kidnapped by drug lords.”


Hey, I am honored  that my homeland’s sad insecurity panorama is boosting the Québécois creativity when it comes to call in sick. “Bola de huevones, if you ask me,” but then again, couldn’t they be MORE creative?

I mean seriously, “my brother-in-law?” would you actually loose sleep over a brother-in-law?

I just hope the “narcos” or “zetas” give a way pink slips, else how will you justify your absenteeism to your boss?

Boss: “Did the “narcos” freed your brother-in-law?”

Employee: “Yes, it cost an arm and a leg,” (no pun intended).

Boss: “I need proof and receipts for H.R.”

Employee: “……”

Did you think it was gonna be that simple?

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